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The Santa Project

This Christmas, Storyteller's is excited to launch "The Santa Project": a new initiative to give back to our patrons.

From November 25th through Christmas Eve at midnight, you're invited to gift and get back. How does it work?

From classes to camps, productions, birthday parties or season tickets, you can purchase any of the aforementioned through our website and give back to your community. Instead of asking our patrons to donate money, we chose The Santa Project as a way for you to specifically see how your dollars are spent. So, shop around! What would you love to receive in the New Year? What about a weekly after school drama club class? A creative camp for the kids to go to over Winter Break? Or a magical storybook party that has all of the details taken care of? Is it a trip to the Willows, Avonlea, or Treasure Island? If you just can't decide, purchase a gift card to be used in the future!

Once you purchase any Storyteller experience, you're encouraged to email your receipt to us at with "FROM SANTA CLAUSE" in the subject title. We will give you a $10 Storyteller gift certificate PER purchase as thank you from us! The magic ends at midnight on Christmas Eve. After the holidays, patrons in need will be provided with what was given during the project on a first come, first serve basis.

So many kids and families receive material items at Christmastime. While families need those belongings, they also deserve the ability to enjoy, experience, and interact with the arts. To create lasting friendships. To be exposed to magic.

We hope that you feel inclined to "play Santa" this year and will create blessings for local families throughout our neighborhood. We're looking forward to the New Year and all the good things that are coming with it. We can't wait to share it with you.

Warmest wishes and happy giving,

Brenna and Justice Wickstrom

Storyteller Theatre

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