"The arts infuse joy and student voice into daily instruction."

National Association of Elementary School Principals

Storyteller's arts integration enrichment programs work directly with teachers and schools to supplement common core. Take a look at what arts integration truly is, what we do with these tools, and how we do it.  

What is arts integration?

We know what you're thinking... 'just one more thing'. However, arts integration is a cross - curricular way of teaching that is not solely about the arts, but focuses more on core curriculum by integrating the arts as a new method of instruction. In fact, there are parallels between arts integration, STEAM education, and project-based learning. They all include these special elements:

  • Collaborative, creative culture where teacher leaders share expertise with colleagues

  • Differentiated instruction, students with different learning styles have the ability to find their voice in the classroom

  • A real-world approach to problem-solving, paralleling cross-disciplinary work challenges and builds career readiness.

What We Do

  • Our teaching experience ranges from ages 2 to 17 years old.

  • We work specifically with teachers in the creation of their lesson plans and come into the classroom weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

  • Implement customized lesson plans. This might look like building social-emotional skills, re-affirming curriculum taught by the primary instructor, building confidence or fostering independence, and SO much more.


The good thing about arts integration is that it is creatively limitless. Below are common core subjects we have implemented in our lesson plans.

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