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Now enrolling for 2023-2024

- Classes begin September 11th -


Grown and based in Moore, Oklahoma, we're forging a new frontier for theatre education. We want to see you grow into the artist you've always wanted to be. To cultivate the theatre base within Oklahoma and beyond, we seek to support ongoing artistic growth for a wide range of ages through classes, workshops, and other educational programming. 

More than theatre.

We maintain our production quality by cultivating a local actor base through intentional and introspective arts education. Our educational base spans a wide-range of ages, because storytellers are all ages, shapes, and sizes. We're here to uncover the innate storyteller within you. We recognize and celebrate your unique perspectives, worldviews, and interests because that's what makes our theatre work relatable, distinct, and human.

 We believe that learning and growth for an actor, artist, technician, or community is life-long and should never stop. 

We provide you the foundational tools necessary to mold your own path as an actor and artist. By using classical and modern theatre techniques while incorporating our own Storyteller twist, you're receiving a unique, custom, well-rounded arts education that only our studio can provide.

"There's gold in them there hills". Let us help you uncover the qualities that make you distinctly unique and special as an artist. There is no one like you, and no one can do what you do. When you own your story, you become unforgettable as an actor and artist. We can help you find your gold.

Perhaps you're just beginning your theatre journey, or you once loved to act, but fell out of love with the craft. We'll reignite your fire. Through introspective and innovative work, our teaching artists teach and coach alongside you, adapting to your needs, and styles, so you feel respected, heard, and pushed as an artist.

Our curriculum is distinctive and is often taken out of the studio. We apply real world experiences and a wide approach to learning then connect it back to theatre. Our educational perspective is different, but that's the point! If you're tired of the same old, same old performance education, we would love for you to take a walk on the wild side with us.

Our Core Services

Early Childhood: Pre-Theatre
(ages 2-4)

Emphasizing a love of story for preschoolers through imaginative play, the four fine arts, and incorporating Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines.


Theatre Fundamentals Program
(ages 5 to 15)

New students begin their acting journey in this age-appropriate program that meets students where they are through engaging collaboration, and grows with their unique talents and skills to form a firm foundation. 

The Troubadours
(ages 12 to 17)

We are more than theatre and acting. Storyteller students build character, citizenship, and community through invaluable experiences to empower themselves and others in this unique leadership training program for intermediate to advanced students.

Adult Classes
With collaborative, introspective classes for the beginner and the experienced actor, adult students stay fresh and creative within their craft to continue developing who they are, and who they want to become. 

Youth: Intermediate -> Advanced
(ages 5 to 17)
LEVEL AUDITIONS: 7/29 from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Assessing growth from late beginner through intermediate and advanced levels, students develop their acting and artistic technique through diverse applications as they progress with Storyteller Theatre. Requires an audition.

Workshops & Seasonal Camps
To increase the actor and artistic base, we run short educational programming throughout the year to introduce the community to new ideas and skills.


We don't believe in the "production class" philosophy of teaching. Your training comes first, and you should never have to pay to be in a production.


Students showcase their skills and techniques learned in class throughout the year at various community events as well as the holiday and end-of-year showcase. 


For students who are passionate and eager for more serious performance opportunities, you are always welcome to audition for the Storyteller mainstage season.

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Our Teachers

Our experienced instructors have a direct background in education first and foremost. Their knowledge and worldview are committed to allowing students of all ages and experiences the freedom to explore their craft, and guide you through questions, and character discovery with individualized teaching methods. No student learns the same as another. Your individual artistic education is uniquely your own.

Every teaching artist at Storytellers is passionate about meeting students wherever they are in their artistic journey. We see the innate gifts within you, and we are eager for you to own your story. 

Together, we will build your technique to grow the confidence that comes with a positive theatre training experience.




"Love that it's something different and unique!"

- Jennifer L., parent


"The educators are amazing and energetic!"

- Sara H., parent


"I never, ever want to leave this place."

-McKyiah, student 

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