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Our Mission

Storyteller Theatre Arts provides sensational, family-friendly theatre and events, theatre arts enrichment, and arts integration education to local families in Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. 

Our Story

Our story begins long ago when Storyteller's was founded by a family's love for theatre. A husband and wife team, the story began when they shared a kiss in Tevye's house while performing "Fiddler on the Roof" for Southmoore High School in 2011. After that moment, they would often talk about their dream to create a space where people of all ages could come together as a community to share their love of theatre. 

That dream has grown to reality to include three kids, a fluffy old man dog, and the support of so many people. Upon our first production in 2019, a small dream was created to include incredible partnerships and productions with Harn Homestead, Myriad Gardens, Metropolitan Library, Play Cafe OKC, and many other local businesses, organizations, and schools to provide arts enrichment and valuable entertainment within our community. Abruptly, our story had to close while the world navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In 2022, we're back. We are thrilled to find our home within the hallowed walls of Old Moore High School -- which holds not only cherished memories for our community -- but our family as well. It was Brenna's first place to perform; Justice's grandmother graduated school here. We held our last live performance within the auditorium. Most special is that our studio location is located on the second floor in the same space that the library was located from 1929 until the 80s. We also are ecstatic to be the "Broadway" of Moore, as the auditorium and studio is located on 201 N. Broadway.

Today, we feel honored to provide our hometown with incredible arts experiences for families of all ages. Producing rich and varied productions, arts education, camps, workshops, and special events: we are starting a long overdue new chapter. We would love for you to be a part of it.  

History of Old Moore High School

Front of Old Moore High School during the 1940s.

Located at 201 N. Broadway (!!), Old Moore High School was erected in 1921 to replace the rural school building located on the outskirts of town. The building, unfortunately burnt down in 1928, and was replaced by the current building in standing during 1929. 

The school consisted of both elementary, junior high, and high school students. The lower level made up the primary grades while secondary students occupied the upstairs. 

Many of the original features and architectural design is still in tact especially within the auditorium. The auditorium not only held performances, but played host to FFA banquets, events, and more commonly the gym! In fact, the basketball hoop that you can find in the following picture is still hanging within the wings of the stage.

Within our studio, the brick walls are original as well as hallmark green chalkboards. Our studio is special, because it used to host the school library. Today, you can still receive the magic of books within our Little Free Library and gather for special story times. 

Once upon a time, this place was filled with children, families, learning, and laughter. We are so excited to bring not only the history of these walls back to life, but provide new learning, new growth, and introduce more families to the school's legacy. 


Students dressed in costume posing for a cast photo 1930s.
Front of Old Moore High School during the 1940s.
Students dressed in costume posing for a cast photo outside for the school cantata (a play with music, drama, and dancing) in the 30s.
1947 FFA Banquet at Old Moore High School Auditorium
To the right, a group of students enjoy the 1947 FFA banquet on top of the auditorium stage. As you can see, the grand curtain is closed, so we aren't certain what the "house" may have looked like, but the stage itself accommodates all of the attendees as it was used for a gymnasium as well as basketball practice and other activities.. Notice the basketball hoop onstage! 
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