"Take Five..."

It is with greatest sympathy that our 2020-2021 season will not continue as we had planned. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the concern of our patrons, and limited funds our production season will be postponed until further notice. This regards Harn Homestead's: Fairytale Forest and our partnership with the library system's summer programming. 

We are deeply committed to serving your family in a positive and worthwhile way. At Storyteller's, we believe theatre is meant to be seen, felt, and heard-- live. We will not partake in other methods of digitization as we feel there are many other entities participating in this current model. We also believe in the health and safety of our community. Despite phased re-openings, a majority of patrons simply do not feel safe returning to theatres and larger crowds. We understand and respect this. We assume that our beloved theatre community will be some of the last businesses to reopen.

Trust us: we will be back. We are working hard behind the scenes towards a brighter future for the theatre; one that is more inclusive, experimental, philanthropic, experiential, and family-friendly.


In the mean time, please continue to follow us through our newsletters, Facebook, and Instagram. Until we can all be together again,  check out our new online theatre education resource, Show & Tell. This platform will guide your blossoming artists at home (or in the classroom!) with fun, artsy, educational  activities, lesson plans, games, books, audio-plays, and more. 

You can visit us here.

We don't know what the future holds at this point in time: for our beloved City, the arts community, and arts education. However, at Storyteller's, we believe this is just another chapter in an infinitely larger book. For now, we will continue to practice CDC guidelines. We will continue to thrive and love and speak and listen and grow and enrich ourselves in art.

We will continue to be here for you:

today, tomorrow, and always.

All of our love,

Brenna & Justice Wickstrom

Owners of Storyteller's

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