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Anne of Green Gables
February 23-March 5, 2023
Written by L.M. Montgomery // Adapted by Storyteller Theatre
Directed by Justice & Brenna Wickstrom
Rated G: best enjoyed by everyone ages 8 and up

This world-renowned, beloved classic of over 100 years is relatable and heartwarming as it was the day it was published. Anne of Green Gables details the mishap, mayhem, and mischief that Anne Shirley just can't seem to help but get herself into. Throughout the unexpected, Anne persistently paves her way into the heart of the Avonlea community, and asks us to reflect on how each person that we meet binds themselves to our own stories as much as we do them.

Featuring all of your favorite characters, a beautiful score, and a story rich in value we've provided a timeless story to share with your family, 
Wind in the Willows
May 11-May 21, 2023
Written by Kenneth Grahame // Adapted by Storyteller Theatre
Directed by Justice & Brenna Wickstrom
Rated G: best enjoyed by everyone ages 5 and up.


Mole. Ratty. Badger. The infamous Mr. Toad! Together, alongside a rich cast of characters, these four friends will take you on a wild ride through the seasons as they tumble and stumble to find their place in the world. Shy and curious Mole craves a life of adventure in the world above-ground where he befriends good hearted Ratty and sensible Badger. Their friendship is put to the test as impulsive Toad consistently gives himself over to antics such as stealing motor cars and hustling them recklessly about the countryside. It becomes the three friends' mission to save Toad not only from himself, but rescue the glorious Toad Hall from underhanded weasels, ferrets, and stoats.


A celebration of nature, friendship and loyalty, Kenneth Grahame's treasured characters and their enchanting river home come alive onstage in a color of movement, music, and enchantment in this original adaptation of Wind in the Willows.

Treasure Island
July 13-23, 2023
Written by Robert Louis Stevenson // Adapted by Storyteller Theatre

Directed by Justice & Brenna Wickstrom
Rated PG-13: This show includes violence, allusions to drinking, and some strong language.
Best enjoyed by everyone ages 8 and up.

Based on the action-packed novel filled with piratic escapades, Jim Hawkins embarks on the high seas adventure of a lifetime! Alongside him, the infamous Long John Silver, the ultimate hero-villain spins a tale of treachery and mayhem amongst a crew of swashbucklers in his quest for gold. A romp that toes the line between good and evil this roguish tale entices the fancies of treasure, romance, and adventure. 
The Mysterious Stranger
October 5-15, 2023
Written by Mark Twain // 
Adapted by OKC Classics & Storyteller Theatre
Directed by Justice Wickstrom
Rated PG-13: This show includes dark themes and wrestles with deep critical thinking .Best enjoyed by everyone ages 11 and up. 

The Mysterious Stranger, written through 1897 through 1908 is a mystery in and of itself. Mark Twain wrote multiple versions of the story, never to complete the novel before his death. Three boys, Teddy, Seppi, and Nicholas live relatively simple lives within their small community. Until one day they meet a mysterious stranger who can perform magical deeds. The stranger reveals himself to be Satan. But not that Satan (so he says), but the nephew of the fallen angel whose name he shares. However, things soon turn grim as Satan foretells formidable future events that soon become reality for the boys. The Mysterious Stranger is a chilling tale that will leave audiences questioning the significance our lives have on one another, and the questions: "Who controls our fate in this world? And who will finish our stories?"


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