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Based in Oklahoma City, educating in The Paramount on Film Row in OKC, Oklahoma. Performing anywhere

Our productions do travel, so please be sure to check the location listed on your ticket to locate the proper venue.

Tickets for Fairytale Farms at the Harn Homestead and our Summer 2024 season are available now! See below for more info. 


a comedy for "serious" people

Written by Oscar Wilde / Adapted by Storyteller Theatre 

July 12th-14th at Southmoore Performing Arts Center

Tickets: $15 - Rated PG-13 (Strong sexual themes and some language)

Directed by Justice Wickstrom

The Importance of Being Earnest endures in popularity nearly 130 years after its' premiere as Oscar Wilde's most popular comedy. It's the story of two bachelors, John "Jack" Worthing and Algernon "Algy" Moncrieff, who fantasize their ordinary lives with an alter ego named "Ernest". The two seek to win the affections of Gwendolyn and Cecily, who, conveniently, claim to only love men called Ernest. As Jack and Algy struggle to keep up with their own stories, they become tangled in a tale of deception, disguise and hilarious misadventure. This farcical comedy was written by Wilde to ridicule and poke fun of the elite social class of the Victorian era with some of the most beloved, albeit bizarre, characters found on the modern stage. 

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Written by William Shakespeare/ Adapted by Storyteller Theatre 

July 26th-28th at Southmoore Performing Arts Center

Tickets: $15 each - Rated PG (Does touch on some light adult themes)

Directed by Justice & Brenna Wickstrom 

A Midsummer Night's Dream is the most heavily produced comedy by William Shakespeare, enduring for generations! A special collaboration with our education studio, you've never seen Midsummer like this. 


The story takes place in the Athens orphanage where Headmaster Theseus is set to marry Hippolyta. The teachers and school staff of the orphanage: Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius and Helena, are all entangled in their own love quarrel. And then there are the children of the orphanage, who, led by Nick Bottom, are planning a play to commemorate this special occasion. But as the night begins to unfold, the lovers and the acting troupe, fall prey to the magical, mischievous, and chaotic dealings of fairies. 

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a play by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett / Based upon ANNE FRANK: THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL / Newly adapted by Wendy Kesselman

August 9th - 11th at Southmoore Performing Arts Center

Tickets: $15 each / Show rated PG-13 (Discusses mild adult themes)

Directed by Brenna Wickstrom

In this transcendently powerful new adaptation by Wendy Kesselman, Anne Frank emerges from history a living, lyrical, intensely gifted young girl who confronts her rapidly changing life and the increasing horror of her time with astonishing honesty, wit and determination.


An impassioned drama about the lives of eight people hiding from the Nazis in a concealed storage attic, The Diary of Anne Frank captures the claustrophobic realities of their daily existence – their fear, their hope, their laughter, their grief. Each day of these two dark years, Anne's voice shines through: "When I write, I shake off all my cares. But I want to achieve more than that. I want to be useful and bring enjoyment to all people, even those I've never met. I want to go on living even after my death!" This is a new adaptation for a new generation.

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