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Students of Avonlea in Storyteller Theatre's production of "Anne of Green Gables"

Through intellect, passion, and preservation, we connect literature to theatre.

Wheat Field

Studio Space


Grown and based in Moore, Oklahoma, Storyteller Theatre is equal parts production company and education studio, we're forging a new frontier for theatre. We want to see you grow into the artist you've always wanted to be.

Core Services 


We bring classics to life through thoughtful adaptation . We adapt our own scripts to be carefully designed and crafted to provide immersive experiences that transcend the stories you love from page to "stage". Whether we're onstage, set in a park, historical museum, or other creative space, we're changing the way theatre looks and feels. 


Let's leverage your next event. We bring the production to you, creating unforgettable memories to share for generations that only Storyteller Theatre can provide. Have an idea, or your own story to tell? We'll help you find your voice. 


To cultivate the actor base within Oklahoma and beyond, we seek to support ongoing artistic growth for a wide range of ages through classes, workshops, and other educational programming. 


Through special events such as festivals, mixers, book clubs, workshops, and more, we preserve craft of theatre, cultivate intellect, and spark passion

We have happily collaborated with local and national 

favorites to provide unique educational experiences.

Theatre can be used as a vehicle for broader learning. We use our experience and expertise to provide enrichment as well as entertainment to a wide reaching audience base.


We're always looking for passionate actors, students, technicians, and artists of all kinds. Let's make something beautiful together. 

Sign up for our newsletter for upcoming auditions, classes, and workshops. Shoot us an e-mail for career inquiries. Follow along on social and stay updated on new happenings.

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